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I knew Mitch in school. You always seem to be ahead of the times. You were cool for era we grew up in, and played the guitar great even back then. Glad I found the web site.
Whoa! Dig the new layout man- can't wait for the next sunday session.
Mitchy, your guestbook is overrun by gremlins!!!!!!!
whats all these sites on the bottom? lol
Hello, excellent site, very rich in content and correctly carefully thought out
MitchyMo, where are you? - call, please! : ) Hotstainer
Don't Know if you remember me or not, Mitch, but I was and am a hippie Jesus Freak and I'm not talking right wing Republican nut job. I was blown away that you opened for Roy Buchanan. He is one of my favorites and I can't imagine what a great experience that must have been for you. I've been playing the guitar since 1965 and love the blues. I know I'll never be great, but I sure enjoy it, and I can at least say that I played at the original Woodstock site in 1994 just before I broke my leg in four places. God Bless you, and I hope to see you sometime and jam.
Mitch, Enjoyed seeing you at the benefit recently. As always, you sounded terrific. Was wondering if you could direct us to a recording studio/label that would pick up my songs and be good for recording a new cd. Any info would be appreciated. Also, any suggestions you may offer on what we could do differently? Idette
s tillsounding after all these years mom
steerin' kayaks in the Pacific yo! Becky says hello! when's yer next show? ci vediamo presto.
Hello there cuz lol its your kin folk from cedartown jason stroup. its great to find your website and get up to date on your music. I have missed you and miss talking to ya. I have been hanging out with clay broome and band and just went to the studio with them this week and man i was blown away with the whole recording studio stuff. clay speaks highly of you and then i just brag about you being kin to me. you are a real inspiration in my life and i hope to talk with ya soon. please tell me when i can get a copy of the latest cds of yours i have all the others on my ipod and still rock out to them everyday. stay cool and keep making your magic for the world to enjoy.
Hey Mitch, Glad to see you're still in the game! I'm still out here in Austin playing & recording and having fun. Brad (from Bremen/Conrad/Distex days)
Hey Mitch- Just wondering when you'd have some new show dates posted... I'll check back later:) -Jennifer
Yo Mitch, Wanted to drop a line and say hello, and to tell you what a treat it was to get to pick w/you in C-town not long ago. I also finally got around to listening to "Meltdown'. GOOD STUFF my brother. Oh, and if you'd like to check out some of my tunes, please go to OK, enough of the shameless self-promo..... lemme hear from ya, Clay
L bro! beautiful site!
mookie, stop messing with the internet and start writing me some hits!
Nice lookin' site - where are the varmints? love ya bro mh
Mitch just wanted to drop you a line and say hi your mother gave me your web site. we would like to hear your new cd. Love YOUR CUZ PETE KAREN & HUNTER

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