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Blue Sky Studio is a great studio, and is where I teach guitar and songwriting.
Blue Sky is a full service recording studio, a place for musical instrument lessons, and a music store.
They just updated their web site. Check'em out.
Check out Zach Ferrara's amazing guitar playing and compositions.
Separated at Birth
Tony Perrino, Jared Alpern, Tom Pirozzi, Joey Rocco.
Soulful, heartfelt beautiful music!
Paul Geluso is a New York based musician, sound artist, mixer, and recordist. Since the release of his first commercial single in 1992, he has been credited on hundreds of CDs, film/video soundtracks, and sound installations. He has played bass and live electronics in rock and free-improvising groups including Picture This, Salvador Disney, 5chin400, Dopey Dummy, the AQuartet, Backworld, Fireball, Collision, The Fulminate Trio, What is it like to be a Bat, Little Annie, JOGGLE, ATOM3, and the Treadwell Trio.
Tracy Neely
Tracy Neely's a GuitarMan! Watch out...he'll get ya. Tracy and I both hail from Georgia, and we go way back. Check him out, Yo!
Ellen McIlwaine
My true blue music mentor. Ellen showed me the ropes. She's a powerhouse you've gotta hear. Listen to her, main.
Kevin Bartlett and Aural Gratification
Kevin produced for Aural Gratification my first CD, The Muse Of Intent. Kevin is a multi-talented musician and composer.
His lastest record is entitled: Songs For The Big Kablooey.
Michael Eck
"Older than Brodeur, younger than Elrod." The big man plays music from the heart.
The Kamikaze Hearts
My bros...these dudes pack a whallop! Great songs, great players, great fn goodness!
Nicole Peyrafitte
Nicole's creative energies are something to behold. She blends it all into her soup. Music, and pictures, to eat.
MotherJ's webthang will catch you lookin.' She's a singer/songwriter/visionary of tremendous personal/artistic depth.
Katie Haverly
Katie's an astoundingly cool singer/songwriter you gotta hear. Check her out, Yo!
Steve Candlen
Stevie Ray's the man. Great drummer, great singer/songwriter, great googlimooglie!
The New CD from Elrod's CountrySoulHouse is here. Click this link for a direct line to listen and buy.
The Hidden City
Where we all let it all hang out...Thanks, Bry, fer all yer supercoolness.

Mitch Elrod on Youtube