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Elrod + MotherJudge CD Cold Warrior


The new CD, Cold Warrior, from Elrod + MotherJudge is ready to be eaten by you and your CD player.

Check out their website:

Howdy, friends! Gotta train your puppies.


Greetings, friends. Lots always going on. The Elrod's writing music all the time.

Summer gigs. Recording.

Elrod and Motherjudge CD coming real soon. 

The Elrod's doing his guitar ("Gotta train your puppies"), songwriting, music teaching at Blue Sky Studio.

Under the radar, Peethro Tull, Jonnycat, Mitchmo trio always jammin' when they can.

Jeanarino's Out Of Her Gourd Show


Coming Soon: Jeanarino's Out Of Her Gourd Show

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Check out Ben Himmelfarb's New Recording, Little Bridge.


Check Out Separated At Birth New Recording, Separated At Birth


Check Out T. M. Smith's new upload to iTunes: Make It Alive

Elrod music at iTunes

Get Elrod's music at iTunes, yo! CDs at CDbaby.


Joggle was formed by Mike Lopez and Mitch Elrod in the mid 1990s. Joggle was/is a free-improv band. Paul Geluso recently joined the group on acoustic bass, and they're playing as a trio.

Love's Blue Art

Kevin Bartlett, Kelly Bird, and I recorded a killer version of Love's Blue Art down in Woodstock at Kevin's studio. It's mixed. Just gotta master and it'll be in your earbuds.

greetings from hooterville

It's all comin' together. It's like a landslide into an avalanche into an undertow into a peanut butter, nutcup, spread. Keep coming back fer more.

yo yo yo

I'm here...everything's in the works, man. Perrino Singles will come out...Motherjudge and Mitchy CD will come out (not on Oct. 6, though). Check here and myspace for thangs. Love, Mitchy

The Perrino Singles Chapter 1

Back in the day when dogs and walls could talk, I ran across an old gypsy woman, and she told me, "One day you will meet a magic musician dude in the cold north who will change your life." I first met Senor Tony Perrino in the winter of 1995 (thereabouts). The band I was playing in, The Spell Hounds, went to his studio to record a song for a Musician Mag contest. The drummer for the Spell Hounds was Todd Handhurst. Todd's an amazing musician, and he and Tony were friends, and Todd informed me that I had to meet Tony. I recall Tony and I going into his studio, and he, right off, started teaching me the ways and means. First thing was to slow down and relax. I was all pumped-up to go hog-wild, I guess. We had great sessions during that particular recording, and out of those sessions came Tony's gift to me, Jam Sammich. Jam Sammich is a mock radio show which features Tony as radio host and him doing many funny voices/callers. Jam Sammich is a classic, man. It's one of the tracks on The Perrino Singles, "Whish You Were Here" which will be available soon. ...stay tuned

The Perrino Singles

Visit here for Mitchy's narrative about the creating of The Perrino Singles. First installment real soon...

Summer Thangs

Hey y'all music wingnuts and chill children...I'm working on all the stuff...putting the finishing touches on the new record MotherJ and I are doing...packaging The Perrino Singles...figuring out what's gonna be on the new HEE CD(s)...retooling the Roadhouse Nature release...lots of good stuff fer what ills ya. Love, Mitchy

New Newz

ROADHOUSE NATURE is here, y'all. Direct route: Mountaintop crazy music fans will love this ROADHOUSE NATURE fer some musical surprises and joy. Come and get it! The CD release at Red Square was righteous. Noho wif Buckley and MatthewMighty was sweet.

Sweets Goods Sounds

Lots coming your way. The Perrino Singles. Roadhouse Nature: A recording by Elrod, Bob Buckley, and Mike Hotter released by FARM TO MARKET records. New Hick Engine Ears CD. And, MotherJ and Elrod are finishing touches on their new reocrd. Lordy!

countrysoulhouse trio recording

Matthew Loiacono's Farm To Market thang is gonna release an acoustic work by Elrod, Hotstainer, and BobbyCakes. Stereo Meltdown. Oh, Yeah!

Meltdown on WKZE

Cuts from Meltdown will be played Saturday night, July 2 (between 9 and 11pm) on WKZE's Off the Beat-n-Track with Todd Mack (98.1). Tune It In.

HEE is afoot

Cohen Elrod Sheehan


Meet The Dudes: Michael Hotter Bob Buckley Stevie Ray Candlen

New Recorded Thangs For 2005

Look for a new CD by Spelrod Mothership/The Keyloids (Mitchy and MotherJudge) and, also, keep comin' back to this site for the first installment of The Perrino Singles.


Meltdown at!

Mitch Elrod on Youtube