BIO highlights: Began singing and playing guitar in early teen years. Many influences including The Beatles, Isley Brothers, Hampton Grease Band, James Taylor, Ten Years After, The Who, Hendrix, Pharoah Sanders, etc. Played in various bands in the Cedartown/Atlanta area while continuing study of songwriting/guitar. Played bass for the magnificent Ellen McIlwaine in 1982/83. Toured USA and Canada. Many memorable gigs, but the coolest may have been opening for Roy Buchanan at The Bottom Line in NYC. Left Ellen's band to form own band. Throughout the 1980s and early 90s, worked with many cool musicians in the upstate NY area including Kevin Bartlett, Peter Sheehan, Marty Owens, Dave Sepowski, Happy Rhodes, Rich Goodhart. Some of the bands were BODY FEATURE, THOUGHTCRIME, THE SWIM TEAM. In the mid 90s, Elrod hooked up with 3 great players, Todd Hanhurst, Matt Pirog, and Joe Joyes. The Spell Hounds were formed, and the band recorded the CD, All Hallows' Eve, at Tony Perrino's studio. Mitch Elrod and The Hick Engine Ears followed a few years later with Elrod singing and playing guitar, Pete Sheehan on drums, and Jon Cohen on bass. That group released the CD, Gone Fiction. Elrod began working with MotherJudge around the late 90s, and she and Elrod have continued to write and record (The debut CD release from Elrod and MotherJudge will be out later this year.). MotherJudge is a powerhouse singer/songwriter. Elrod has also done gigs and recordings with Albie of Can't Say, Secret Guy, and Black Fuel. Albie's a fine musician who writes great songs and plays a mean guitar and bass. In 2004, Nicole Peyrafitte called Elrod to do some gigs in Toulouse, France. That proved to be a simply wonderful experience. Nicole Peyrafitte is an artist of many dimensions, and she and Elrod have continued to do music since then. And, Elrod continues to record with the amazing Tony Perrino. 2006 will see the supercool record from Tony and Mitch entitled The Perrino Singles "Whish You Were Here." Mike Lopez and Elrod formed the free-improv group, JOGGLE, back in the mid 1990s. Now, re-grouping with Paul Geluso on acoustic bass, they are gigging and recording again.

HEE's  (Hick Engine Ears) back at it!