Mitch Elrod on youtube 

Music lovers, I've been getting a goodly amount of new and older music on my youtube channel.

Check it out, people!

Mitch Elrod

Buying The Music 

If you wand to buy a CD of my music, send me an email at


The Southern Album 

Albie von Schaaf and I are working on The Southern Album.

Check out a preview of our work, Touche, at my youtube site.

Mike Hotter's Room To Land 

Music lovers, check out Mike Hotter's brand new release, Room To Land.

I got work with Mike on this record, and it was fun and rewarding.

Check out the details at Bandcamp on how to get his new record.

Howdy, friends! Gotta train your puppies. 

Greetings, friends. Lots always going on. The Elrod's writing music all the time.

Summer gigs. Recording.

Elrod and Motherjudge CD coming real soon. 

The Elrod's doing his guitar ("Gotta train your puppies"), songwriting, music teaching at Blue Sky Studio.

Under the radar, Peethro Tull, Jonnycat, Mitchmo trio always jammin' when they can.

Check Out These Artists 

Check out Ben Himmelfarb's New Recording, Little Bridge.


Check Out Separated At Birth New Recording, Separated At Birth


Check Out T. M. Smith's new upload to iTunes: Make It Alive


Joggle was formed by Mike Lopez and Mitch Elrod in the mid 1990s. Joggle was/is a free-improv band. Paul Geluso recently joined the group on acoustic bass, and they're playing as a trio.

Love's Blue Art 

Kevin Bartlett, Kelly Bird, and I recorded a killer version of Love's Blue Art down in Woodstock at Kevin's studio. It's mixed. Just gotta master and it'll be in your earbuds.