The Perrino Singles Chapter 1

Back in the day when dogs and walls could talk, I ran across an old gypsy woman, and she told me, "One day you will meet a magic musician dude in the cold north who will change your life." I first met Senor Tony Perrino in the winter of 1995 (thereabouts). The band I was playing in, The Spell Hounds, went to his studio to record a song for a Musician Mag contest. The drummer for the Spell Hounds was Todd Handhurst. Todd's an amazing musician, and he and Tony were friends, and Todd informed me that I had to meet Tony. I recall Tony and I going into his studio, and he, right off, started teaching me the ways and means. First thing was to slow down and relax. I was all pumped-up to go hog-wild, I guess. We had great sessions during that particular recording, and out of those sessions came Tony's gift to me, Jam Sammich. Jam Sammich is a mock radio show which features Tony as radio host and him doing many funny voices/callers. Jam Sammich is a classic, man. It's one of the tracks on The Perrino Singles, "Whish You Were Here" which will be available soon. ...stay tuned

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